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We provide injection molding solutions for thermoplastic materials. We perform efficient and complex manufacturing processes – starting from an analysis of project documents, continuing through production tests until the final product is delivered accurately within the Just In Time system.

Our production cycles are performed based on the highest industry standards. Every year we undergo a successful recertification process: IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 oraz ISO 45001. We monitor the up-to-date certification requirements and are always ready to implement them.

We develop high-quality solutions, regardless of the type of product. Our high-end professionals and technology assure boundless creation capabilities.


Injection molding technology for plastics has been successfully used in the automotive industry. Based on the industry’s standards and requirements, our deliveries within the OEM market are made according to the IATF 16949 norm.

For the automotive industry, we produce sound insulation elements and one component compressed cartridges, weighing from 0.8 to 10.0kg.


Parts made of thermoplastic materials are assembled in appliances for daily use. We manufacture visible and non-visible components for household appliances such as TV sets and monitors. Renowned Polish and international brands profit from our services.


Injection molding technology allows ready-made elements of all shapes to be manufactured. The variety of shapes that can be created in the final product makes such components suitable for all industries. We can successfully manufacture ready-made objects such as outdoor furniture, as well as integral components of bigger objects.

We process
the following materials

ABS, ABS-PC, PC, ASA, PP, PA6, PA6.6, PC+PBT, PE, POM, and POM, as well as those reinforced with glass fibre or filled with minerals, added modifiers, and more…
Our resources allow us to provide our partners with safe and reliable processes, as well as excellent support in all circumstances.
  • We invest in high-end technology
    because we know that having modern machinery and systems in our facilities is crucial for our customers’ satisfaction. They ensure the continuity and stability of processes, bringing us measurable profit.
    Injection Department Technologist
  • We are ready to share our knowledge, expertise, and solutions.
    We have expanded the portfolio of our products and the range of our clients. Yetico machinery and professionals are ready to manufacture even the most original products.
    Manager of Polymer Injection Department

Our potential

Modern machinery park

  • ENGEL injection molding machines (year of production: 2020), equipped with the newest steering system
  • ENGEL DUO 2300 injection molding machine with a 6-axis Kuka robot and a lifting capacity up to 90kg
  • equipped with gravimetric dosing stations linked to a central feeding system
  • dry air generator in the central system is equipped with dew point control
  • mobile heater with 96 control zones allows for initial heating of tools and decreases SMED time
  • high-end peripheral devices such as thermal regulators working with machines within FLOMO system or a crane with a lifting capacity up to 40t
  • uniform standards of electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic joints guarantee flexible processes and short machinery stock reorientation time

Team of experienced professionals

The Yetico team are a group of professionals with many years of experience and know-how acquired through cooperation with renowned automotive and household device companies.

We are always ready to take up new challenges. We excel in developing non-standard solutions. We are equipped to deal with all the challenges that appear within the production process, whether in the early stages or when the process is more advanced. We constantly improve our competencies and meet the requirements of our internal competence development system.

How we work


Complex coordination of contracts

  • we analyze and optimize project documentation
  • we coordinate the production of injection molds
  • we perform production tests
  • we can assemble elements directly within production lines
  • we realize packaging orders according to our clients’ needs a
  • we deliver products within the JUST IN TIME system

Mold manufacturing, transfer and maintenance of tools

Thanks to our extensive experience, we can coordinate the design and manufacturing processes of injection molds in cooperation with renowned European and Asian manufacturers. We also work with external molds, so our team of professionals will be at your disposal if you consider transferring your processes.

Our own tools allow us to modify production processes without their interruption and to maintain our molds in an excellent shape.

What can we
do for you?

Contact us to ask about the possibilities of using the injection molding available in our machinery park to bring your ideas to life

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