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They stimulate teamwork and the improvement of our everyday working lives. They make our company and us as individuals advance and develop.

It takes a motivated and capable team to be able to face current challenges and welcome new ones. That’s why we are looking for people with passion, commitment, knowledge, and a willingness to learn.

Our values

  • Commitment
    We work with passion and ambition because we care about people, better solutions, and Yetico.
  • Responsibility
    We fulfill our duties and maintain the company’s stability for the benefit of our employees and partners.
  • Honesty
    We appreciate honesty in business. We aim to implement the best possible solutions, so we are not afraid to express our opinions.
  • Agility and simplicity
    We go deep into problems, and we do it fast with a focus on what is most important and with the aim of making things as simple as possible.
  • Cooperation
    Regardless of the situation, we work together as a group. This allows us to charge our personal batteries and keep going.

We believe it’s in diversity that real strength lies

That’s why at Yetico there are people with a diverse range of skills, experience, characters, and ways of thinking. We perceive this diversity as an invaluable resource of rich ideas and solutions, as well as a key factor in the power of our organization.

Your development
provides new opportunities

We support the aspirations of our employees and strengthen their positions by giving them opportunities to learn and boost their competencies. We are not afraid to delegate responsibility as we believe it is one of the tools that helps people to activate their competencies and achieve success.

When we inspire our employees to discover and develop their own potential, we become stronger and better as people and as an organization


A culture of stability
and security

Everyone needs inspiration and the conditions to focus in order to successfully face challenges. That’s why one of the foundations of Yetico’s corporate culture for 30 years now has been to instill in our employees and clients a feeling of security and stability.

This culture isn’t only drawn from the strong condition of the company, its stable terms of employment, and our strong feeling of responsibility towards our employees. Having the traditions of a family business, we make sure everybody in the company feels that they can speak their minds and rely on our support whenever they need it.


Below, we have listed our key employment areas along with some tips in order to allow you a closer look at Yetico as an employer. Although experience is important, commitment and potential are what we value most in people. That’s why we also employ inexperienced candidates who are willing to learn and bring their fresh perspective and unique ways of working to the team.

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We manufacture our products from polymers, with quality, security, and implementation of new technologies as our priority.

You can join one of our teams, no matter the level of your experience as we have different roles available. We prize reliability and inventiveness in changing both the small things and more substantial processes, lifting them to a new level of practicality and effectiveness.



In our offices, we employ people from diverse educational backgrounds who perform a range of tasks. Yet, what they all have in common is their conscientiousness and openness to personal growth.

No matter if you have skills in IT, bookkeeping, or quality systems, or if you want to be responsible for our staff or partners, you will become part of a team that is able to generate solutions and positive change.


Customer services

The customer service department has an ambitious and committed team whose aim is to provide high-quality, comprehensive support to our clients in every possible situation.

Your mental agility and consistency will allow you to build strong relationships. When it comes to relationship building, we are looking for that intangible quality that makes contact with clients effortless and productive.

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