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We were made
to take on challenges

We were made
to take on challenges


We design, produce, and supply the highest quality polymer products for a range of industries, with a focus on injection elements made of thermoplastic materials using EPS-based production.

We are constantly looking for solutions which will lead to our business partners’ success, ensure our development, and make our operations more sustainable.


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In all our activities, we focus on teamwork and cultivating a culture of challenge, utility, and authentic relationships as a way to make progress.
We see challenges as opportunities. Once they have been accepted, they give us more courage to continue and more experience to head in the right direction.
We never give up on finding the best solutions, regardless of the circumstances.

President of the Board

We follow trends and implement changes once they have qualitative meaning.
In an era of new technologies and practices, we strive to first develop a good understanding of such trends. We feel a strong sense of responsibility for how we operate, which is why, as we develop, we want to improve our processes in such a way that allows us to achieve new utility standards for our customers, for the environment, and for ourselves, both as employees and as an organization.

Vice-President of the Board

We believe that relationships are our most valuable resource. We are also aware that this resource is not renewable.
That’s why our actions are crucial, and what we say is fundamental. We treat our employees, customers, and suppliers with respect and honesty. We know for a fact that authenticity is of unparalleled importance and is the only way to create a solid partnership.

Vice-President of the Board

32 years of challenges which have taught us how to develop a powerful brand and support our partners. Learn our story.
  • We started out designing and manufacturing EPS production machines
    O NAS_historia_zaczynalismy od maszyn
    When, in 1988, Andrzej Gołoś was searching for a supplier of EPS components that would enable him to bring his idea to life, he couldn’t have expected that within two years, he would be the founder of STYROPEX, a designer and manufacturer of EPS production machines. Nor could he have expected to later provide all the equipment for the technological lines of several dozen EPS producers, his future competitors in Europe and Asia. The breakthrough moment for the company’s vision was a meeting with Telesfor Wiecheć, an employee of the Industrial Chemicals Institute, co-creator of Polish technologies for polystyrene and EPS production, trainer of the first employees of STYROPEX, and creator of the construction guidelines for its first facilities. Their discussions about the emerging thermal insulation market in Poland resulted in the idea that good products are based on good technologies and good EPS machines, something which nobody in Poland was professionally talking about back then.
  • The very first EPS facility
    O NAS_historia_1991_fabryka
    The very first EPS facility labeled STYROPEX was launched in 1991 in Olsztyn at ul. Towarowa 17a. Equipped with a machine park based on Telesfor Wiecheć’s expertise and the original ideas of STYROPEX engineers, the facility started its mass production of EPS plates, which began an entirely new era for the company that has lasted to this day.
  • A growing reputation on the thermal insulation market
    A strong background in engineering gave the company a huge quality advantage from its very beginning, allowing it to quickly become distinguished within the market. The launch of another EPS production facility in 2001 in the south of Poland allowed the scope of distribution to be increased, while a growing product range and strong standards won the company its clients’ favor. The invention of the AQUA EPS board soon made Yetico one of the most successful brands on the thermal insulation market. It also provided huge technological experience, which supported further development of new products. In 2003, we started to cooperate with LEROY MERLIN, thus becoming involved in modern distribution channels. Today the list of our partners has expanded to include other DIY chains such as CASTORAMA, OBI, and BRICOMARCHE.
  • Development in the EPS packaging sector
    O NAS_historia_rozwój w sektorze kształtek
    Our very first bulk production of packaging was completed in 2004 for MAAN, a producer of kitchen ventilation hoods. Their trust gave us the confidence to plan our investments based on entirely new operations. We went through an ISO certification process in 2005 which boosted the level of efficiency in our organization. In 2007, we launched a facility in Gorzów Wielkopolski which created a huge leap forward in our development potential. Top brands from the household appliance, audio/video device, and automotive industries expressed their appreciation for the quality of our products and services, as well as our commitment. We became a strong player in the packaging industry after our brave investment in an EPS packaging production facility in Mława.
  • Expansion in the German market and the YETICO brand
    O NAS_historia_ekspansja
    2007 was a noteworthy year for YETICO. We started close cooperation with our clients in the packaging sector. Thanks to the facility in Gorzów, we gained additional potential for development in the thermal insulation market. In addition, the possibility to cooperate with German clients who showed us new and effective practices was crucial. Today we distribute our products all over Germany. In 2007, we gave up our previous name, STYROPEX, to coin a new name, YETICO. The change was triggered by a proliferation of names with the STYR-prefix on the market, which made it difficult to develop a strong and distinctive brand. At the same time, we needed something which was symbolic of the beginning of a new perspective – that of a manufacturer of artificial materials which could be a flexible partner for multiple industries.
  • WEBOX®
    Opening a new chapter
    In 2019, with our registered brand of WEBOX® containers, we started to operate in the thermal insulation packaging sector. Our containers soon won recognition in the food industry.
  • Together into injection technology
    Our success in the packaging industry, allied with the services we provided to large and demanding clients, naturally led us to prepare to enter deeper into the plastics processing sector. The suggestions received from TPV, our long-term client, were of key importance to us. In 2020, the very first Yetico facility based on injection technology was launched in Gorzów Wielkopolski, with its first series of products dedicated to the audio/video device industry.

6 facilities
fully synchronized
with our customers

This is where our products are created and dispatched to customers all over Poland and abroad in a timely fashion and in the amount they expect. Our team knows exactly what it means to work using the Just-in-Time system.

This is where we combine standards*, know-how, experience, and state-of-the-art technology so that the solutions we offer are the best choice for our customers.

*Quality Management Systems at work: ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, IATF 16949

A team of
committed professionals

The professionals that work in our facilities on a daily basis are constantly developing their skills and gaining the most up to date knowledge in order to deliver products tailored to our clients’ exact needs. These people are our brand.


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